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Imminent Maternity Leave at Empire

For anyone who may be unaware, I am currently pregnant with my second child – exciting times! However, due to being the sole teacher, I will have to close classes for a short while after giving birth.

My due date for my pregnancy is Friday May 20th 2016. Last classes before I go on ‘maternity leave’ will be May 16th & 17th, UNLESS I go into labour earlier than my due date.

I will be using our Facebook page (or text for anyone without FB) to inform everyone of a return date, or any last minute changes to closure date. If everything goes smoothly, classes are likely to return mid-June until the Summer holidays, if not, I may need to close early for Summer because I may not be physically able to teach.

Please accept my apologies for the vague nature of this, but I feel this is the best way of managing the process – I’m sure all mums will understand the unpredictability of giving birth.

Thank you to all my fantastic dancers and their parents who have been brilliantly understanding so far. I look forward to us putting on a fantastic  Christmas Show this year, which we’ll be getting started with after the summer holidays, regardless.


Laura ☺

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