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Empire in the community

To help spread the name of our great dance school, we’ve been offering free workshops to local youth community groups in Hull.

It’s a great way for people to find out more about our dance school and experience our classes first hand.

Previously, we danced with Princes Avenue Brownie Guide pack at Princes Avenue Methodist Church. They were fantastic and particularly liked the Frozen dance we do!

Yesterday, we visited Wellington St Matthews Cub Scouts on Boulevard in West Hull. They are currently focusing on their Athletics Badge, so are looking for all kinds of fitness challenges to get involved in.

With cubs and leaders raring to go, we started off with an energetic warm up, followed by some street dance and freestyle disco routines.

To mix it up, we added a competitive dance game and finished with Big Fish Little Fish – always a winner!

Both the cubs and leaders loved it, and Cub Scout Akela, Mike Rouse РDeane ,  was enthused about the session.

He said, “Thank you, the class was brilliant. Our cubs and leaders are raving about you – it was that amazing and fun!”

This year, the group are also vlogging all of their challenges, so you can see our session on their YouTube channel here.

WSM Cub Scouts – Week 23 Let the dancing begin!

Empire Dance Centre Hull and Wellington St Matthews Cub Scouts



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